Industrial Virtual Reality, Inc. 'IVRI'
Whether you want to set up a Virtual Reality booth at a trade show or develop a Virtual Reality training program, IVRI can provide end-to-end services - from designing the content to developing the total system.

IVRI services include:

Computer-Generated 3D Presentations
Electronic Manuals and Documentation
3D Projection System

ic3D Projection System is an affordable, high-performance, PC-based hardware solution for immersive 3D viewing. This portable, dual-projector system enables detailed 3D inspection of parts and processes and encourages interaction during the entire development cycle. Perfect for interactive virtual reality training and product presentations.

Media Integration

Utilize sound, movement, text, even a synthetic human (avatar) to deliver engaging presentations that can include interactivity and assessment options. Help the audience visualize your message.

Teach a course or train customers, employees, and students anywhere anytime on any subject.
Sales and Marketing

Market the product before it is built. Develop a customer base before your competition does.

Deliver your information electronically. Present manuals, catalogs and brochures with interactive 3D images and animation, which make the content easy to understand.
Simulation and what-if analysis

Simulate to understand the effects of a situation without physically recreating it.


When the authorities of the busiest airport in the United States wanted to explain the construction activities to the public, they turned to IVRI for the solution.

IVRI blends interactive multimedia, 3D modeling and animation technologies to create applications for presenting information. IVRI combines its proprietary technology with the best available tools to deliver cost-effective solutions for eDocumentation, eTraining and corporate & marketing presentations. Content is delivered via CD, DVD, PDA, corporate intranets or the Internet.




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