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IVRI is an innovative virtual reality technology and service provider. It specializes in developing 3-dimensional (3D) visualization and multimedia tools and technology to support next-generation communications for consumer, commercial, government and academic applications. It combines its leadership in multimedia technology and its expertise in optimization and risk management to analyze business solutions and communicate the impact of complex decisions through visualization.

IVRI's software products help users assemble multimedia files instantly and make the output lively by adding an animated environment and life-like avatars.

IVRI provides services and solutions in product and process presentation and demonstration, documentation, education, training, marketing and sales presentation, and public announcements. IVRI combines its proprietary technology and the best available tools to deliver the highest quality content using graphics, audio, 3D, Virtual Reality and web technologies. We can help you present your data to win a customer account, get corporate approval, or simply train your customers and employees effectively. IVRI provides cost effective, state-of-the-art solutions in e-training, sales/marketing presentations, e-documentation, and 3D simulation all the while effectively communicating with the audience.

IVRI's platform is useful in many applications. It helps Universities conduct distance learning classes, corporations to train customers and employees on their products and processes, organizations to conduct Sales and Marketing seminars, as well as allowing conference and event organizers to store lectures and create proceedings electronically.

Our services improve your product marketing efficiencies, communications with your customers and employees, and reduce training and education costs for your workforce. Our technologies and services can make your presence felt, even after you have left your potential customer. This can make the difference between a sale and a no sale.

Through digital imagery, IVRI creates the past, provides images of unborn concepts/products and easy to understand visualizations of complex data. With its team of 3D specialists, instructional designers, multi-media experts, Internet and graphic developers, IVRI helps visualizing 'what can be', simulating 'what could be' and effectively presenting 'what is'.

IVRI provides virtual modeling, animation, motion-capture and multimedia integration services on desktop as well as high-end computer platforms. These services can be used towards marketing of products and concept, corporate presentation and customer education. We can create virtual prototypes of engineering designs, simulation of manufacturing processes, and related engineering applications. Our solutions can be applied in almost every industry transportation, medical, high technology, consumer products, just to name a few.

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