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IVRI delivers 3D-Multimedia solution to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport

Monday, January 26, 2004

CHICAGO, Il, Jan. 26 -- Today, IVRI delivered a media integration solution to Chicago O’Hare Airport. With this solution, O’Hare was able to provide information to the public about its proposed construction activities.

IVRI developed a solution that combined multimedia and 3D animation technologies. IVRI created a detailed, web based graphic presentation. The end result of the project combined human narration and realistic 3D computer graphics along with a computer simulated avatar (image) presenting the information, enabling passengers to check recent construction changes and detoured traffic routes via internet.

“Our technology reduces time to develop a multimedia solutions by several folds. Saving time is saving money. We passed on the cost savings to O’Hare.” said Dr. Pat Banerjee, cofounder of IVRI.

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