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3D Product Presentation

Product PresentCompletely generated from solid engineering files, allowing the presentation of a product not yet built or one that is costly to take out of service. An example of IVRI's unique technology to quickly transform source files into useable - and easily reusable - presentations. The addition of a synthetic human (avatar) to present the features enhances the sensation that "you are there." (1:00)


eManuals eDocumentation

EManuals DemoAn animated presentation of a procedure that includes supporting text and audio narration . . . all designed to engage the viewer's complete attention. The 3D parts were generated through the unique IVRI automated process that directly imports the solid engineering drawings into the interface. (0:49)


Multimedia Integration

O'Hare Demo Created for Chicago's O'Hare International Airport web site to provide information to the public about construction activities at Terminals 2 and 3 that would affect access to both parking and terminal entrances. The video combines actual photos, computer-generated graphics, sound, 3D animation and human narration. (3:39)


ic3D Projection System

ic3D Image

A large-screen system for immersive interactive 3D experiences that displays any 3D software output via front or rear projection. The system works well for both group and single-viewing to enhance training, sales and service needs with minimal facility disruption and lower-than-expected costs.

The system includes:

  • 2 DLP projectors (SXGA or XGA)
  • 3D-optimized screen, frame and stand
  • circular polarization glasses
  • dual processor desktop graphics system

IVRI's software and hardware solutions improve communication by delivering engaging and easy-to-understand content through the use of 3D computer animation.


Immersive 3D refers to an experience in which the user becomes fully immersed in an artificial, three-dimensional world that is completely generated by a computer.

Once commonly considered only a part of the entertainment industry, immersive 3D is now an important part of the engineering design process. Gone are the days of the heavy, cumbersome headgear; it is now possible to simply wear a pair of circular-polarized eyeglasses.

3D visualization is quickly becoming an important tool for enhancing communication in corporate & classroom environments. Whether as a training, sales, presentation or design tool, immersive 3D visualization promotes effective communication.

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