Industrial Virtual Reality, Inc. 'IVRI'
Industrial Virtual Reality, Inc.

Focus on core product and service. We will help you facilitate your business through our platform and infrastructure. Our pre-built platform components are adapted to your custom needs.

IVRI's platform meets your communication requirements. The platform provides complete breadth of functionality. It can handle any number of presentations and/or personal portfolios. Through this platform, IVRI can provide customized solutions to corporations and educational institutions. You can use the IVRI platform in different areas - HR, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Employee and Customer Training, Teaching etc.

Using IVRI's technology, you can virtually present the same information presented in a live session without repeating it. You can also provide the same environment to the audience as in the live session. Your target audience will never miss your presentation. They can hear your lecture and see your presentation from anywhere and at any time.

Using IVRI's technology, Universities and Conference/Event organizers can now provide past seminar proceedings/lectures as if they were live.

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