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Communicate effectively with your audience

Presenting your company to customers, employees, media, analysts, investors, and corporate partners is the single most critical doorway to business success.

IVRI makes it easy for people to quickly understand and visualize your message. You may have company or product information in different formats - photographs, video clips, and/or information in a website; we help you to integrate these files seamlessly into a computer simulated virtual presentation.

We help :

  • add richness to your content by creating 3D surroundings that fit the environment and the corporation
  • include the image of a narrator of your choice whose movements are simulated with the presentation.

By incorporating animation, you not only grab the attention of the viewers, you will maintain it until the end.

With our technology, your presentation can be compressed by several orders. You can distribute the information over the web and/or CDs, or exhibit it in a trade show, conference or company meeting.
Presenting Chicago O'Hare Airport construction activities

Airport authorities at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport wanted to explain to the public the construction activities of the airport. They wanted the public to visualize the activities that had not yet begun.

IVRI developed a solution that combined multimedia and 3D animation technologies. IVRI created a highly detailed, web-based graphic presentation. The end result of the project combined human narration and realistic 3D computer graphics along with a computer simulated human presenting the information, enabling passengers to check recent construction changes and detoured traffic routes via the Internet.

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