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Make your catalogs, manuals, education materials attractive and understandable.

With IVRI Technology, you can create interactive documents in 3D format. Whether the document is a product manual, equipment training material or manufacturing procedure, we turn it into an interactive document using visualization techniques.

The chances of user errors are reduced since the process is visualized and not just read. Users can view the product from different angles, in case a particular step needs further clarification.

In addition there are efficiencies gained in 3D multimedia based documentation, resulting in cost savings and better user satisfaction.

Explaining driving procedures using a manual can sometimes be cumbersome. Explaining left turns requires multiple illustrations. The reader has to keep switching focus between the text and the illustration.

IVRI has developed e-documentation by adding 3D animation of the driver's manual. By adding audio, the e-documentation helps the viewer understand the procedure faster and easier than reading text.

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