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Education through visualization

Using IVRIís technology, you can save millions and train your employees or educate your students more effectively than by using traditional methods.

IVRI technology helps create training/education programs over the Internet and/or on CDs. Employees can be trained to handle expensive or hazardous machinery without actually using the equipment. Complex subjects are taught in a distributed learning environment.

IVRIís solution is unique. With our patented technology, audiences can feel the live atmosphere of a class/training room. Whether the training is about handling calls for call center employees, safety/equipment training of offshore oil drilling companies, or training the customers on a high-end server, the audience feels as though the training/demonstration is live. We can also create haptics-based training programs, where the interactions of visual environments are transferred into real stimulations and sensations.

There is no need for employees/customers to travel to your site. They can learn at a time or place of their choosing. Distance learning as real as on-site learning. You not only save a bundle in training costs, you also improve the quality of training and education. Instead of reading books and manuals, employees or customers learn visually and interactively. They understand the complex concepts in significantly less time. The content is standardized, tested a priori, and it can be made personal as well as impersonal depending on your desired outcome.

When the training department of an earth moving vehicle manufacturer wanted to train the employees about replacing a small assembly, they could not illustrate the assembly procedure on their printed manual. The challenge was explaining the part inside a hollow opening. Drawing 2D images would require multiple illustrations taking up a large number of pages. Video could not have captured the blind spots as cameras could not have been placed inside small hollow openings.

IVRI combined 3D and multimedia to create the training material. The procedure was explained using text, audio and 3D animated drawing. Using the mouse, employees were able to rotate the assembly in different angles while the procedure was being explained verbally. With this e-training, employees could go back to previous steps if the process was not understood.

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