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Market your product before it is built. Create the best presentation to lead your team.

Successful marketing of products requires customers to know about the product on time. Before the product is built, you can present the product to your customers using IVRI technology.

The visual multimedia capabilities we bring reduce the time required to explain your products, processes, and capabilities. Our technologies can make your presence felt, even after you have left your potential customer.

You can use our services to improve your product marketing efficiency, or to improve communications with your customers. With IVRI's 3D technology, we can create graphics that not only allows customers to look at the end product virtually, they can also feel the texture.

Meet more; travel less. Reach universal audience. Shorten launch dates.

We can help you create virtual sales meetings and executive communications. With IVRI's platform, we can deliver a customer seminar. Using our technology and platform, you can communicate with your customers, sales forces, distribution partners, media, industry analysts and prospects effectively.

The cost savings on travel and start-up costs to you are significant; so will be your top line growth.
Every product and service will go through a development and sales cycle. It is difficult to convince the customer about the features and advantages of the products and services that are under development. Often, customers' understanding of your product or solution will be different from your description. If you wait to reach the customer until the product is built to explain its feature, you may lose out to your competition. In addition, it will be difficult to incorporate your customer's feedback.

Using 3D animation techniques, IVRI developed a demo of a cab that was still in the conceptual stage. The demo helped the viewer understand the features of the cab, thus shortening the sales cycle.

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