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Simulate to understand the effects of changing variables

IVRIís modeling solutions can be applied in both business and technical applications to simulate and understand the effects of changing variables.

With our output, you can take a virtual tour of the hallways of new facilities well before the construction begins. With a few keystrokes, we can easily show alternatives for different widths of hallways or styles of windows of the facility.

IVRI combines its optimization and statistical analysis expertise with modeling needs. IVRI develops solutions by complementing business analysis with multimedia presentations. Whether the analysis is about inventory systems or transportation, business problems can be visualized effectively by integrating decision science and 3D multimedia technology.

IVRI has applied technology in virtual factory layout and material flow optimization, machine placement, equipment and part clearance, airflow and process contamination analysis, and pharmaceutical manufacturing analysis.

IVRI technology can also be applied in such diverse fields as medicine, legal, transportation, and logistics. 3D process layout models rapidly address multi-criteria design optimization problems such as developing virtual factory layout models to improve material flow, machine placement, equipment and part clearances, regulatory requirements such as Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restrictions, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), airflow analysis, process contamination analysis, conveyer belt analysis, pharmaceutical manufacturing analysis, etc.

We can create models that can be applied in virtual machine simulations and medical applications that require accurate contact analysis.
Products and Business Systems

- Medical

- High Technology

- Consumer Products

- Architecture

- Energy

- Broadcasting

- Inventory system

- Transportation

- Distribution

- Legal

- Manufacturing

In less than 3 man months, principals of IVRI developed the Virtual Reality model of Searle's proposed manufacturing plant allowing explanation of various manufacturing processes.

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